Written by Jeff Reid, Executive Director of the WT Enterprise Center. As a freshman sitting in Introduction to Business during the fall of 1974, I never imagined my career would follow the path that it has.  You see, I had a plan.  My plan was to attend WT, earn a business degree, enjoy college life along the way and then start my own construction company.  I was learning the practical side of construction through employmentRead More
Written by David Terry, Director of Entrepreneurial Outreach for the WT Enterprise Center. On September 1, I assumed a new role with the Enterprise Center so that I could have flexibility to teach and to pursue other entrepreneurial aspirations. As I step away from the administrative responsibilities of the Enterprise Center, I will still have an active role as Director of Entrepreneurial Outreach. This means that each week, I will meet with community leaders, stakeholders,Read More
The International Economic Development Council featured the WT Enterprise Center in the latest edition of the Economic Development Journal. The article, WT Enterprise Center – Incubation with Urgency, focuses on the growth of the Enterprise Center and the impact our program is making on the expanding entrepreneur eco-system in the Texas Panhandle. The article also explores the program “Incubation with Urgency”, in which our partnership with the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation has allowed us toRead More